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Do you have SMART numbers that you should be looking at?

Have you tried other development companies only to find you don't really own the end product?

Sora does things differently than other development companies.  We write our programs in open source and open standard programming languages and techniques.   This also includes releasing the end product to you with a custom open source license.

This means you get a product that is using the best technologies, you own the product and you can modify or update it in any way you see fit.   We believe so strongely in this approach that you don't have to come back to us to make changes either. Our hope along with our track record is to impress our clients enough that they continue to come back to us for updates.

We have developed complete Line of Business applications, mobile applications, business intellgience solutions, workflow alert systems, custom SQL reporting and custom macros. Most busineses have processes they would like to automate or SMART numbers they want to see on a regular basis.   Our team loves solving these types of problems every day for our clients. 

We are looking for the next challenge!

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