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Traditional IT support companies earn a profit when their services are needed (i.e. your network is down). They’ll often charge extra for nights, weekends, or “emergency” service, and will send you an invoice for possibly band-aiding a serious problem. What happens if they have to come back? More headaches for you, and more revenue for them. This situation prevents business owners from being IN CONTROL of their IT. With limited knowledge of what’s happening with IT, and no control over costs, business owners are at the mercy of their support company.

At Sora, we know there’s a better way – and we call that better way IT rebooted®. Our clients pay us a fixed monthly fee to deliver the results they need around technology. We take care of virtually everything – network administration, proactive services, technology consulting, and user support – all rolled into one straightforward program, for one fixed monthly fee.

Sora Technologies is only profitable when our clients networks are up and running smoothly. So, both companies are equally vested in IT running the way its supposed to.

The end result of our work is that our clients are knowledgeable on their IT, have a fast, reliable network, fixed technology support costs, and peace of mind knowing that everything in IT is under control. A partnership with Sora Technologies gives our clients true control over the cost, performance, and effectiveness of information technology. How much better will your business run with IT no longer a concern?

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