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Our Process

LOC Learn Organize Control

LOC Learn Organize Control® is our circular IT process that allows us to constantly learn more about your environment, organize that information and control your technology results.  Our goal with LOC is to provide you with the best user support experience, mitigate security risks and keep your systems running to the best of their abilities.

Below our 4-phase IT management and support functions are listed that are utilized in the LOC process. This is all included in our flagship offering called IT Rebooted®

Network Administration

When Sora Technologies first takes over a new network, we execute a series of steps over the first several months to gather and document information, stabilize the network, and resolve any immediate issues. During this time, we are looking at each workstation, each server, and every component of the network, looking for anything that needs attention. All technical details of the network are documented and securely stored in our internal database, and readily available to all staff involved in handling your network, so that they have the necessary information at hand whenever it’s needed.

Proactive Management

Sora Technologies is constantly connected to your network – monitoring servers, workstations, network performance, and other key network components. We manage all updates, patching, security, spam and antivirus programs, making sure that your network is running as close to 100% uptime as possible.

User Support

Sora Technologies deploys the tools, resources, and people necessary to minimize downtime when user-level issues do occur. We respond to users’ issues almost immediately, connect to servers, workstations, and network components remotely, and will go onsite quickly whenever necessary. Our aim is to prevent most, but also resolve the vast majority of IT issues very quickly.

BTA Business Technology Advisor®

Once the network is documented and stabilized, Sora begins the process of seeking out and analyzing opportunities to reduce costs by generating improvements in network speed, efficiency, simplicity, functionality, and accessibility. We meet with our clients as often as needed to keep them apprised of all opportunities for improvement.

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