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We’ve had Sora on retainer for over a year. Prior to retaining them, they did an extensive audit of our operating system, our hardware and software, our needs profile, licenses, security, etc. Their recommendations were extensive and cohesive.

Since retaining Sora, they have taken IT off my plate on a personal basis and allowed me to focus on our core competency: insurance. Instances when we have had problems were handled quickly and efficiently. They have also made sure that our licenses were updated and appropriate. They have made significant modifications of our security exposures.

I trust Sora explicitly and highly recommend them without reservation.

Thomas D. Fliege, CIC, ARM, CRM, CWCA


Hawk Agency, Inc.

Medical Management Innovations, Inc. has been a customer of Sora Technologies since June of 2011, and we have enjoyed a powerful working partnership with them since day one.

I had been the driving force in IT in our company since its inception, but our growth over the years pulled me in other directions. Before finding Sora, I had worked with four other local IT companies, looking for a partner to manage our IT. I spent a lot of time and money setting up a Microsoft network with these vendors, but none of them really lived up to the promises they had made. I had come to believe that the type of IT support I needed for my business was not possible to find in Central Illinois.

But, Sora Technologies came in and started solving problems from day one! Not only were they honest and kept their promises, they have become true partners in our business, enabling us to better serve our customers.

Rich Pflederer


Medical Management Innovations, Inc

It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Sora Technologies, LLC. During the past several years, our IT team has worked directly with Jacob Adams, President of Sora Technologies, LLC on numerous projects. The company offers top-notch quality and service. Across the board, we are always pleased with their work.

One project in particular illustrates their attention to detail and concern for quality. In 2013 we moved from our current facility to a new facility. Sora Technologies, LLC was there every step of the way to help us take on this massive initiative. We believe that their creativity and attention to detail led to a very successful and effortless move.

More recently, Sora also helped us with a programming project. Sora was quick to respond to our request and implementation was just as fast. There wasn’t a stone unturned by them to be sure everything was just as we desired. In short, the ease of doing business with this particular project was extraordinary, In the end we received a great product that helped put us in a position to grow our business.

Please consider Sora Technologies, LLC for all your IT needs. I recommend them and look forward to working with them again.

Curphy Smith


R/A Hoerr, Inc.

We recently had the pleasure of working with Sora Technologies on a server migration and firewall upgrade project that was desperately needed at our facility.   After meeting with several competing companies, we decided that Sora was the best fit for us. Like us, they are a local, family run company that strives to be a customer first, service based business. In an industry notorious for slow responses, Sora’s prompt handling of our calls and emails was quite refreshing. 

Since we decided to use Sora for our upgrade, we have been reminded on several occasions what a great move this was for us. Sora was willing to work on our system either after hours or on weekends so our business would not be disturbed in any way. When the inevitable issues arose, they were responded to immediately and fixed as soon as could be reasonably expected. Often within minutes of realizing that we even had an issue, a Sora employee was onsite working on it or remoting into the system to work on it. Smooth, smooth, smooth, is all I can say.  While working on our project, Sora took great notes and shared this information with their entire team, so all of them have a working knowledge of our system. When calling or emailing other IT companies, it often feels as if you have to restart the process from the beginning every time you have an issue, but with Sora that isn’t the case. Sora didn’t just want to sell us a server and the associated labor with the installation, they wanted to fully understand our environment so that they could foresee problems before they arose as well as showing us how to fully utilize the system that we were receiving.

All along the way, their communication and promptness left us feeling as if we were their most important client. For these reasons, after our server migration and firewall upgrade projects were complete we went ahead and made Sora our choice for all IT support. They are fantastic at what they do and we highly recommend them to any company looking for services within the IT realm.

Corey Lynch

Lynch Aluminum

After using a other development company to design and build our case management system from scratch over our nearly three year relationship it became clear that a continued relationship with them was not going to produce the long term results I desired. Having had an ongoing working relationship with SORA Technologies for our network and computer support I reached out to them for some contacts regarding a different developer to continue our project.

After some in depth conversations with Jacob Adams with SORA I in trusted our further development needs to them. I knew going into this transition that my original vendor had really missed the mark in the original design and meeting my long term development goals for the system was going to be challenging.

After a complete review of our working system, a conversation took place with SORA out lining where the development was currently and what we had all agreed was my long term goal for the project. They presented options working within the currently designed system as well as options of maintaining the current system as is and developing a new system from the ground up based on the same long term goals the previous vendor was to be developing towards. With that information I was able to make an informed decision to have SORA work on stabilizing the current system and begin work on new system that will meet my long term development goals.

Having had a working relationship with SORA prior to starting our development project gave me a high comfort level for the project. Having been working on the development project with them over the last six months they have exceeded my already high expectations, my staff and I are looking forward to a long term ongoing development relationship with SORA as we build our case management system into a tool to help us serve our customers better.

Rich Pflederer


Medical Management Innovations, Inc

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