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Fortify Your Defenses with Comprehensive Cyber Security

We’ve all heard the news stories. Major companies raising their hand saying, “Sorry, we got hacked. If you’ve done business with us, your information may be compromised now.” Kind of throws the trust they had in your business out the window, doesn’t it?

Cyber threats are very real threat in today’s industry. But there are ways to protect your business from it happening to you – and two key steps are educating your employees in cyber safety practices and having the right cybersecurity solution in place.

Educating employees to “Think Before You Click” is one of the best ways to prevent a successful cyber-attack.

Our team of trained experts provides custom training (from basic points to advanced security protocols) that helps protect you and your employees from social engineering and other cyber related attacks. And we’re even flexible in how we deliver this to you. Onsite, online or through a series of webinars, we want to help protect you and your company from being a victim of a successful cyber-attack.

Effective cybersecurity solutions are available to every business – no matter how big or small your infrastructure is.

Sora also has numerous cybersecurity solutions available. Some of the more popular methods include making use of our hosted phishing software to test your employees’ phish-rate and performing security audits, disaster planning or penetration testing.

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